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Bill Maher Discusses Marijuana And Being Co-Owner Of The Mets


This past Friday, the Huffington Post had an interview with the host of Real Time on HBO and Mets Co-Owner Bill Maher to discuss his thoughts on the push for Marijuana reform, legalization and of course his thoughts on the Mets.

Here is the link to the post if you want to get his thoughts on the Marijuana portion of the article but here is what our Co-Owner, he bought a piece of the team for 20 million dollars back in 2012, thinks of our team now and into the future.

Maher is a true player who puts his money where his mouth is, and that includes Major League Baseball. In 2012 he invested in a piece of Mets ownership. And not just to be able to toke in the owners’ box.

“I’m hopeful for the Mets this year,” he says. “I think they’ve got a couple of key players. I think [Curtis] Granderson’s going to have a big year. And Bartolo Colon, I think is a good steady influence on the pitching staff and they have very powerful pitching. I mean, when you have a pitching staff like they could have … when they get back … Matt Harvey, I think he can be in every game. If they get a little luck with the offense, they could just surprise some people.”

We asked him about the high life of a major league owner.

“You have your own box when you’re an owner,” Maher said. “I mean, when I go to the games, so far I’ve stayed in my box. But, you can also sit right down on field level and I’m probably going to do that. I’m going to go back to an owner’s meeting in June and I think they’re playing the Braves that night, and I want to sit, like, really, really close to the field.”

Whether or not you agree with Bill Maher either on his views on politics or just on pretty much anything he talks about, he really does love baseball and being co-owner of the Mets.

I just hope that one day Bill can live out the dream of seeing smoking Marijuana being legal in this country and being able to toke up in his owners box at Citi Field.

Hopefully that kind of legislation can come about in 2014 because with the way this offense performs some times, you might need to be high to enjoy it.

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