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Blocked By Adam Rubin: Is There An After Life?


It was this post that I wrote after Matt Harvey’s brilliant start on Tuesday that started it all.

I had a ton of respect for Adam Rubin and how he covered the team. I never took his snark seriously and honestly felt bad for the way Omar Minaya shouted him out in 2010 2009.

Most people who I proudly call my friends through the #MetsTwitter world thought I was nuts. They cursed his name and his morals when it came to handling the people that follow him.

I basically ignored it to be honest. I have worked as a freelance sports reporter in the past covering different high school teams in Westchester county. When I started, I knew that anything you write can be considered a slight and you will be called out on it.

It is part of the job. I can freely admit that I’m not exactly a stone wall when it comes to reacting to negative press about my writing. It sucks when people hate your work or think you are stupid. But, I understand it comes with the territory.

Some of you reading this are probably thinking this is sour grapes and I’m just complaining for no reason. That I deserved to be blocked by him after calling him out.

You might be right and I will be more than happy to admit I’m wrong if I’m proven to be wrong. I’m not perfect by any means.

Rubin on the other hand seems to think otherwise.

I’m not even the only person on this website to have been blocked by Rubin. Susana, Mark, Scott, and Devon are also esteemed members of this club who also write for the site.

There are also plenty of #MetsTwitter members that are also apart of this club that keeps growing and growing seemingly by the day.

So I was wondering, now that I’m apart of this esteemed club, what is life like after Adam Rubin blocks you.

I asked some of the more prominent members of the club to chime in and educate not only myself, but you all as well in case you get to join the club as well.

“I’d say it’s better. No Pre TV spoilers!” – @DevOnSports (I call the part where Rubin tweets the result before it happens on TV getting “Rubined”)

“I think my overall outlook on the Mets is way, way sunnier. I mean W A Y sunnier. I’ll stop there.” – @_mistermet

“I’ve just lost all respect for a really good writer. For someone who reports about accountability, it’s pathetic that he did what he did. His job is to criticize and analyze moves. He was absolutely dead wrong about Harvey and cried when he got called out on it. Plus the fact that he #HasLobby” – @ttlsportsblog

“I offered Rubin the chance to come on our show, non-confrontational, and talk about his process. He doesn’t have the decency to decline” – @TheHappyRecap

What you see are basically the typical answers you hear from the members of the #MetsTwitter world that have been blocked by Adam Rubin.

They have moved on to bigger and better things with guys like Jared Diamond, Marc Carig and other beat writers who understand the job is both work and fun.

The final salvo will come from my good friend Jon Presser whom you may know as @MetsJetsNets88 on #MetsTwitter. His dislike for Adam is very well known. The story you see is basically what to expect if you haven’t been blocked by him before.

“I’ll preface this by mentioning that I unfollowed Rubin many moons ago, as I often find the general tone of his tweets to be condescending and patronizing. Of course, as to be expected, I’d still see people re-tweeting him on my timeline, as he occasionally tweets something noteworthy.

I believe it was after Sandy Alderson had his offseason season-ticket holder event, and Rubin was clearly pretty butthurt about Alderson giving access to MERE COMMON FOLK instead of the media.”

What happened next was this…

Jon continues by saying…

“He blocked me once he figured out that I don’t follow him and he can’t send a snarky DM my way.

Well, as it turns out, Adam Rubin blocking me has made my Twitter experience far more enjoyable. Now his tweets rarely find their way into my timeline, and it’s quite refreshing. It’s much more preferable than before.

The bottom line? #MetsTwitter is better without Rubin and his tweets. Period.”

I stand by my article about Adam earlier this week. I see no problem in calling him out for a tweet that, quite frankly, was written when he was taking jokes about himself way too seriously.

He is a professional writer that has a job that myself and many other people would love to have.

He’s clearly reached that point in the beat writing world where the transition from a happy person to a curmudgeon has happened.

If he has a problem with what I have written or this article, I invite him to e-mail me and we can talk about this and maybe have peace. If he decides not too, I wont lobby him for a response and I wont lose sleep over it.

I don’t care that my site is not on the blog roll of the Mets blog on ESPN-New York. I don’t care if Adam has an issue with me or my staff members and I really don’t care what he thinks of this site overall.

Beat Writers are not above bloggers or fans. They have the easiest job in the world and life will go on without his nonsense. As you can see above, plenty of people are happy without him.

There is a life after being blocked by him and it is a nice one.

At the end of the day, I hope you Grow up & Man up Adam. You might like your job again if you do.

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  1. KC

    May 10, 2013 at 11:27 am

    I still follow Rubin for his coverage of the team, but he is definitely a d-bag with a condescending attitude toward his followers. There’s no need for him to be so snarky all the time when people tweet him a question.

  2. BurleighGrimes

    May 10, 2013 at 1:20 pm

    I am an intelligent person, and I refuse to be condescended to by Adam Rubin (this is why I stopped following him ages ago). He takes himself way too seriously, seems not to enjoy a job virtually anyone else would die for, and prefers unchecked antagonism to serious analysis. I hate that people like that believe that people like me simply can’t “face facts” or “see things as they really are” when in fact what I see is Rubin turning a fun pass-time (baseball) and turning it into a repeat slap on the face. Adam, if you are reading this, I strongly encourage you to take a break for a few months and try to see things with fresh new eyes. Your bitterness and patronizing attitude are deeply annoying!

  3. Inner Monologger

    August 25, 2015 at 12:55 am

    Well said. Rubin is informative but petulant. He’s not worth the effort. Follow Diamond and Carig instead.

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