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Can Ike Achieve The Strikeout Cycle


As Ike Davis continues to work his way from major part of the Mets rebuild to major pain in the ass for the team and fans, things are looking bleak for him.

The hits are just not there for him as he continues to strikeout at an alarming rate. His father, former MLB Reliever Ron Davis, wishes he had as many strikeouts in his career as Ike Davis has right now in 2013.

So with the chances that Ike will be hitting for the cycle this season being pretty remote, I have come up with another achievement players like him can get if they make it a habit to not put the bat on the ball.

I call it the “Strikeout Cycle”

Basically you can strikeout four different ways in baseball which is the same when it comes to the four different kinds of hits you can get.

Now one could be called out on a technicality but, don’t be that guy. Don’t be a Debbie Downer to what I think is a fantastic idea.

Basically, to achieve the “Strikeout Cycle” you must do all of this in one game…

1. Strikeout Looking
2. Strikeout Swinging
3. Strikeout at a ball in the dirt and force the Catcher to throw to first
4. Strikeout on a check swing call from the 1st or 3rd base umpire

I mean the Sombrero jokes are good and all, but pulling this off would be one hell of an achievement.

Now obviously the check swing is basically another way of striking out swinging. But, since your fate is in the hands of a different umpire, and his judgement determines if you swung or not, I feel that it is different.

This is something to look for as Ike continues to build a pretty compelling case to make the trip down to Las Vegas.

Can Ike do it? Can he pull off the Strikeout Cycle?

If there was one guy to pick on the Mets that could do it, Ike Davis is my choice.

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  1. m.piorkowski

    July 22, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    leave ike alone he will find his own way back have some fath in him i am sure he is trying
    maybe to hard,because every one is on his case

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