By: Michael Ganci

Can Mets Fans Band Together for Playoff Viewing Party?


I know I am going to be accused of counting my chickens before they hatch, but I want to find a way to be with a ton of Mets fans come playoff time, even if that means not being inside of Citi Field.

For the second time, I was shut out of playoff tickets, this time trying with The 7 Line. I am not taking a shot at Darren, but this wouldn’t have been a true 7 Line outing anyway. There were no shirt giveaways, no thunder sticks and nothing really extra. It was just a bunch of fans trying to get tickets for $80, truly a bargain considering the secondary market.

It’s a shame we can’t go to another source for tickets. I, for one, paid more than $200 per ticket to go to a Rangers’ playoff game this year against Tampa Bay, and I simply cannot afford another at that price tag. Instead, I want to figure out another way to watch the team we all love with a bunch of like minded guys and gals who bleed orange and blue.

I am looking for ideas of how to get that done. Any suggestions? Where could we all meet? I’d be more than happy to organize something, but I am going to need some help. Comment with your suggestions below or email


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