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Carlos Beltran on Mets: These Guys Know How to Pitch


Former Met Carlos Beltran may be one of the most under appreciated players in team history. In seven years with the Amazins’, he hit .280 with 149 homers and 559 RBI. He had a .369 OBP.

But now, Beltran has crossed over and joined the Evil Empire, but despite him joining one of the Mets’ fiercest rivals, Beltran is still impressed with what the Mets have become, and he looks forward to watching them compete for a championship in 2016.

Here’s a clip from the New York Post:

“There’s a lot of excitement over there,’’ Beltran said. “And for us, adding Starlin Castro, [Aroldis] Chapman and [Aaron] Hicks make the ballclub better. Those Mets pitchers not only can throw the ball well, they command. Normally when you see guys who throw over 95-96, they don’t have the command. These guys know how to pitch.’’

Yankees legend Reggie Jackson is impressed with the Mets as well, and he said it’s huge for the Mets and Yankees to both be successful.

Here’s what he had to say:

As for the Mets staff, Jackson said, “I’ve seen enough of their pitchers to know they are good. And I don’t think Harvey is the best and that says a lot because he is a No. 1 anywhere. There’s 30 teams, he’s a No. 1 on 25 of them.’’

For more from the New York Post’s article, click here.

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