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Former Met Fernando Tatis Has Crappy Artwork


Former New York Mets bench player Fernando Tatis had been off the radar for the past few years after leaving the majors after the 2010 season.

But he has now joined Twitter and has been doing some interesting things since joining.

First he blocked one of our writers, Mark Ethe aka @TooGooden16.

Then he trolled former Met Chan Ho Park on the anniversary of him hitting two Grand Slams off of him in the same inning back in 1999.

He also has some great observations about random stuff that you would almost think nobody could ever think of.

It has been a wild ride for the guy and now he is trying his hand at becoming an artist with the help of what looks like Microsoft Paint.

On the baseball field, It is obviously a heart that he is trying to draw but he could have said those are boobs and nobody would have argued. Would have brought a new meaning to #WinningBoobs

Then you have the guy catching a fish. First of all, that is one calm rabbit to have a guy celebrating catching a fish and not running away. Then I’m pretty sure you can easily lose that fish if you let him just flop around in the air.

Well I think it is safe to say that since he no longer is in Major League Baseball, Fernando really needs to find a new hobby.

I have seen a lot worse stuff from MS Paint but this is pretty sad from a former comeback player of the year. I think the best is the obvious sarcasm coming from fans that he takes a legit praise for his work

We know things will turn around Fernando! Just drop the paint brush and try something else.

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  1. bird

    May 7, 2013 at 10:31 am

    cool story, but youve been trolled thats a fake account.

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