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Goodbye Stache & Hello Passion


Myself and Darren from The7Line

As I sit here, hours after one of the best Mets games I have been to in a while, I think back to what the game and experience was like at Citi Field today and I just cant believe how amazing it really was.

I sat in the last row, not wanting to block people’s view with my sign who were sitting in the CF section and observed what had to be the most passion filled fans I have seen in a long time enjoy a Mets game on a Thursday afternoon.

The 7 Line, the clothing design group led by Darren Meenan set up an event for the last game of the 2012 season at Citi Field. #The7Line army was in full force for sure, an event Darren expected 100 people to attend, had over 500, and the passion they showed was something I had not seen in years.

The thunder sticks, the shirts, the K counter, the fans as young as maybe two years old, to the fans about 80 years old, the turnout was spectacular.

When I spoke to Darren, our first meeting ever, he had a smile as big as you can have. I told him how amazing this was and how it all turned out so great. It was great, because I finally saw some passion at Citi Field.

R.A. Dickey pitched a wonderful game, battling through some early rough patches to once again show all the fans just how special his season has been.

Of course, we also had to say #GoodbyeStache today. As sad as it was for Keith to lose his magnificent mustache, it was for charity and that’s what makes the event so wonderful.

I took the time to make a sign, as you are all aware and maybe even saw on SNY during the game, and although it was partly for Shameless promotion of the site, it was so great to see how the fans loved the sign, and took so many pictures of it. Including the picture you see above with Darren and even Kevin Burkhardt wanted to so Goodbye Stache.

The whole day made me realize that what I see most days on social media when it comes to the Mets is only a small fraction of the fans we have. That the negativity of the franchise has only damped some peoples love for the Mets, but the majority still love it with all their heart.

The Mets in 2012 were not world beaters, heck, they normally only beat themselves at times during the season, but have given us such great moments in their 50th year.

Johan’s No-Hitter, Dickey’s 20 win season, Wright with the all time Mets hits record, Ike Davis hitting over 30 home runs.

But its today, the day where we said Goodbye Stache and Hello Passion that I will remember the most, and I hope when Darren sets this up on Opening Day, I will be there, to soak it all in again.

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