How to Pick the Best Horse Racer to Bet


Horse racing tournaments are the most recognized sports in history. It existed many centuries ago and has brought sports betting to the peak of popularity. It is the only sporting event where horses are the real superstars, followed by the jockeys and trainers. Aside from that, the number of entries also makes it more unique compared to other games existing. 

Moreover, the betting categories are the main reason why lots of sports fans would love to gamble in horse racing. It is because every horse racing tournament comes with betting games that will test your gambling skills. You can choose to wage for simpler bets, and you can also devour to test your betting prowess by choosing to punt on a more challenging and high paying category. 

Moreover, there are also other activities that each sports fan can enjoy in every horse racing game. For example, the U.S. Triple Crown Series comes as the grandest horse racing showdown, which even showcases a red carpet where esteemed fashion enthusiasts come and dress-up with their most colorful rodeo inspired outfits. 

All these things make up a perfect way of celebrating a horse racing tournament. Going back to betting, how does one go home a victorious winner? Take note that all horse racers come and gather, bringing their most powerful saddling skills. They are also superstars of different races and tallies notable racing wins. 

So, in this article, we’d like to help you open up your eyes and minds on how you can win at betting on horses. Thus, we will give you some ways on how you can pick the perfect and winning horse racer. 

Check the Speed 

The first thing that you should take a look at when picking a winning horse racer is the speed of your desired entry. We are talking about horse racing, and technically, it means that the horse with the fastest speed wins the game. So, make sure that you assess the running speed of each entry you pick. 

The best thing you can do to evaluate the running speed of each racer is to check their racing odds and forms. There are many reliable online services where you can review the racing records of each entry. Make sure to compare their types one by one so you can differentiate which one has the best value to bet. 

Gauge on Horse Class

The class where the horse racer belongs is also an essential ingredient to consider when picking the winner. The class refers to the category where a horse racer came from and the racing category in which they will compete. It is crucial that you need to check what class a horse racer belongs to get familiar with their full skills. 

There are two classes where a horse racer came. The first one is maiden races, which belong to a horse racer who did not take part or even win a horse racing show. The claiming races come the second one, which refers to horse racers that you can purchase at a price to bid. 

Evaluate the Horse Sire and Breed

Many sports bettors find this as unimportant. However, evaluating the sire and the breed of the horse racer is essential. It refers to the family where the horse racer belongs. 

Some horse racers come from a family of winners, and you should consider picking them whenever you bet. 

Assess the Race Type and Conditions 

Another thing you must look at when picking a victorious horse racing winner is the race type and condition. You have to make sure that the entry you choose should compete in the most appropriate racing type. It allows them to showcase their full potential, which can lead them to win the racing game. 

Besides, the conditions such as weather and timing can also influence the winning odds of the racer. Make sure that you successfully research the capability of a racer to run in changing conditions. Lastly, you should bet for them at the right timing. 

Figure Out the Horse Racer’s Pace 

The pace of the horse racer is also essential when assessing for the winner. It works directly with speed. There is a certain pace that each horse racer follows. It is a technique they use during, in the middle, until the last part of the racing game. Make sure not to miss this factor. 


In general, there is no exact formula for identifying who can win in a horse racing tournament. Every horse racer comes in their best forms, making sure that they can go home victorious. But there are a few trades you can use to bring you one step closer to picking the winning horse racer. Thus, checking the speed, track conditions, sire and pace should lead you to bet for the best horse racer in a game. 


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