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Lenny Dykstra: I Couldn’t Get Through 162 Games Without Steroids


SNY will premiere Lenny Dykstra: All or Nothing tonight at 6 p.m.  Hosted by Ron Darling, the half-hour special centers around one of baseball’s most controversial characters as the three-time all-star opens up about his life both on and away from the diamond.

On his arrival to camp in 1990..

Dykstra: “So I put the work in, with the drugs, and I walk into spring training like a Greek f—in statue.  And I’m ready to get it on.  Bring it.”

On the 1993 Phillies team..

Dykstra: “We made our ’86 team look like milk and cookies.  Dude, if you couldn’t play? Out-drug it.”

On if he could have survived a 162-season without steroids..

Dykstra:  “That’s a great question because it’s a simple answer: no chance.”

On his motivation..

Dykstra: “When there’s money on the line, you ask me about cocaine and this and that….no, no!  Steroids!”

On his regrets..

Dykstra: “Have I done things I’m not proud of?  Yes.  I was flying around the world on my plane, but…I ran over people dude.”

For more information, check out the video preview below:

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