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Lewin: Cespedes is a Beast


Earlier this year, the Daily Stache debuted a series called #9innings, which you can access by clicking here. It’s a series of questions and answers in which we talk to some people with a little more access to the Mets to get a closer feel on the pulse of the team.

Today’s guest is Mets radio broadcaster Josh Lewin, who gives his take on what’s going on in Flushing:

Daily Stache: What do you make of the season the Mets have had thus far? Who’s surprised you?

Josh Lewin: It’s been a heck of a ride… love how quickly Syndegaard has matured and how the patchwork bullpen has held up.

Was the Carlos Gomez trade falling apart a blessing in disguise since it inevitably led to their getting Yoenis Cespedes?

Could be. Gomez would have been a dynamic ddition but keeping Flores has alredy paid dividends…and Cepesdes is a beast.

What about the minor moves the Mets have made? What do you think of the Uribe, Johnson, Clippard and now O’Flaherty acquisitions?

These are important additions…role players who are important to the fabric.

Who’s built better for the stretch run, the Mets or Nationals? What do you think of Jayson Werth’s comments about the division to be theirs for the taking?

Werth isn’t wrong to think what he thinks. They’re the fvorites and they’ve got plenty of talent. But the Mets may be built better for a run with the “nothing to lose” house money…they’re under much less pressure.

Do you expect anything out of David Wright? He’s set to embark on a rehab assignment, but can he provide even more help in the lineup?

3 days a week of a healthy David would be great…his presence in the clubhouse is priceless.

Has Jenrry Mejia thrown his last pitch as a Met? What does his future hold?

Probably. Has not showed to be trustworthy.

Who’s the Mets’ team MVP to this point of the season? Who’s their LVP?

Wouldn’t want to name an LVP but the startng rotation as a unit is beyond valuable.

What do you think of the job Terry Collins has done? What about Dan Warthen and Kevin Long?

Terry has had a manager of the year season…Warthen is a guru and the guys have responded well to Long.

Lastly, finish this sentence. By the end of the regular season, the Mets will be…

exhausted. And hopefully very happy.

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