By: Michael Ganci

Matt Harvey Should Get PR Tips from Yoenis Cespedes


During a day when Matt Harvey has dominated the headlines due to his back-and-forth comments regarding innings limits, his postseason availability and his commitment to the Mets as a whole, another Mets’ star made headlines for a positive reason.

Yoenis Cespedes, undoubtedly the Mets’ MVP since his acquisition at the trade deadline, has agreed to waive his contract clause that would have made him a free agent five days after the World Series. More importantly, if the Mets hadn’t agreed to a long-term deal by then, he wouldn’t have been able to re-sign with the Amazins until May, effectively ending any chance the team brings him back. But, that’s not the case. Cespedes obviously has some better PR people at his disposal. By ditching the clause, he looks like he really wants to come back and he looks like a good guy. For him, it’s another team to enter the bidding war that’s sure to ensure for his services.

Harvey has talked himself into a corner, but what can he say now to fix his tainted reputation? Nothing. He needs to let his actions speak for him. Go out there, in front of a lot of Mets fans at Nationals park, and mow the Nationals down. Focus on business. That’s why Mets fans love you. Sure, there’s the Dark Knight persona, and the bulldog mentality, but all that matters is what happens of three hours at a time, as long as he stays healthy.

As for Cespedes, we’d love to end the speculation and get him locked up now, but that’s not likely. He’d be silly not to enter free agency. This is reminiscent of Mike Piazza, and just as much uncertainty. Hopefully, Harvey and Cespedes continue their special paths in 2015, and they can lead the Mets to continued success for many years to come.

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