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Mets Introduction Song: Time to Pump You Up


Whether or not you are an eternal optimist like myself, or an eternal pessimist like my father, one thing is for sure — there is no better time than the beginning of the baseball season.

While the Mets have certainly been hit with the injury bug early, I am confident that this team will compete for possibly the second wild card spot, which MLB recently announced will be in play this season. What does this mean to the Mets? It’s time to get their act together.

As for the Mets’ introductory song when they take the field, one I can remember from recent years is Kanye West’s “Stronger” and also there’s Kevin Rudolph’s “Let it Ride.” This year, the eternal pessimist would probably go with this song.


I am more of a optimistic mind though, and when I work out (which still seems like relatively a new concept, there’s one song that pumps me up more than the rest. It may just serve that purpose for the Mets. Check below. What do you think?


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