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Mets Off-Season Leaves Much to be Desired


It has been well-documented that the Mets entered this offseason needing to improve their offense – specifically at shortstop and in the outfield.

The Mets acted quickly on the outfield front by inking Michael Cuddyer to a 2 year deal, but their hole at shortstop has remained unfilled.  As it stands now, the Mets will be going into the 2015 season with the underwhelming combination of Wilmer Flores and Ruben Tejada.

To be fair, the available options on the free agent market have been equally underwhelming.  Stephen Drew?  No thanks, enjoy the Bronx.   Asdrubal Cabrera?  More of a second baseman at this point in his career.  Everth Cabrera? With his off the field issues and poor 2014 season, the Mets have been wise to pass.

So where does that leave Sandy and company?  The name that dominated the headlines early this offseason was Troy Tulowitzki.  However, Tulo’s injury history and massive contract made him an unlikely target from the start, particularly when you factor in the talent that the Mets would need to sacrifice to bring him to NY.

Recently, reports surfaced that Ian Desmond was targeted as part of a potential 3-team trade with the Nationals and Rays.  However, the Nats have stated that they plan on keeping Desmond, and their signing of Max Scherzer seems to confirm that they are going all-in for 2015.  The Mets’ best chance at Desmond will likely be to sign him as a free agent next offseason.

It’ll never happen, but perhaps the best solution to the Mets’ shortstop problem is Jose Reyes.  Besides providing an obvious upgrade at short, Reyes would fill a gaping hole in the Mets’ lineup by giving them a bona fide leadoff hitter.  As it stands now, Terry Collins has Juan Lagares penciled in at the top of the lineup.  While Lagares had some success batting first last year, everyone knows he is out of place leading off.  Add Reyes, and the Mets lineup suddenly looks a whole lot better:

SS Reyes

2B Murphy

3B Reyes

1B Duda

RF Cuddyer

LF Granderson

C  d’Arnaud

CF Lagares

So why won’t this happen?  Take your pick:

  • Reyes’ contract
  • The Blue Jays don’t appear to be interested in moving Reyes
  • Reyes’ contract
  • It makes too much sense
  • Reyes’ contract

If the Wilpons weren’t cheap/broke, Reyes never would have left New York and this wouldn’t even be a conversation.  The Mets would already have their shortstop and leadoff hitter, and we’d be talking about what lefthander the Mets should acquire to round out their bullpen.

Maybe we’ll get a surprise and Reyes, Desmond, or some other name that hasn’t been rumored is in Flushing before the season starts.  But more than likely, it’ll be Flores on Opening Day.

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