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Mets Outfielder Curtis Granderson Doesn’t Like Smelling Salts At All (GIF)


In the bottom of the fifth in Friday nights Mets game, a 6-0 loss to the Atlanta Braves where they were one hit by the electric combination of Aaron Harang, Luis Avilan and Jordan Walden, Curtis Granderson needed a bit of a wake up call or something to that effect.

The Mets trainers decided that using smelling salts was the right way to go to help out Granderson.

Based on his reaction after he tried them out, we don’t think that Grandy will ever want to do that ever again.

That reaction is honestly pretty funny plus it is a perfect impression of how Mets fans feel when they have watched his at bats so far this season.

Considering how poorly the Mets played last night and at Citi Field in general lately, maybe they should forced to go through the same thing to see if that will wake them up enough to actually win a few here and there in their own building.

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