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#MetsMinute with David Brody: Mets Should Target Todd Frazier


In the past, you may have seen our #9innings feature on the Daily Stache. Now we have #MetsMinute, when I talk to some people, whether they’re fans, in the business, or whatever, about recent developments with the Mets and how they feel moving forward.

Today’s guest is David Brody, a HUGE Mets’ fan and the Executive Producer for Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Z100. See below for our exchange.

Daily Stache: What do you make of the Mets’ off-season thus far? While obviously not complete, how would you grade it?

David Brody: Well, they did what they had to do in terms of resigning Walker and Cespedes. I’m not sure they thought Walker would take the 1 yr deal for $17,200,000. I like him but could they have saved that money for the bullpen or a catcher and used Reyes and Rivera at 2B?

DS: What’s the next piece the Mets should target? Who in particular do you think is a good fit?

DB: As much as I love David Wright, I would attempt to have him platoon with Duda at 1B and try and acquire Todd Frazier who may be available. He’s a local player with enough star power to make the transition easier for the fans.

DS: David Wright will forever be remembered as an integral part of Mets’ history, but are his productive days behind him? Can the Mets count on him to be a consistent contributor ever again?

DB: In adding to my comments above, if Wright doesn’t move to 1B and stays relatively healthy, perhaps a platoon with Reyes would help him survive the season. He kills lefties.

DS: Besides Noah Syndergaard, which of the pitchers are you looking to take the biggest leap forward this season? Who needs to step up their game?

DB: Not sure Noah needs to take a step forward. Clearly Harvey and Wheeler have the most to prove and bounce back from Matz needs to stay healthy and not keep missing starts

DS: How do the Mets’ stack up against the Nationals? Do you think the Mets will be in a divisional dog-fight, or will the Nationals coast like they did last season?

DB: We’ve yet to see all the moves by both teams, but with a healthy starting 5, the Mets can certainly hang with the Nats. The Mets need to survive the Familia suspension, move Jay Bruce or Grandy, hope Conforto hits again and get production or great defense from the catcher position.

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