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Mike Harrington Trolls Matt Harvey And Fails


When you read those two tweets, you realize how much fun contradictions are. He at first mentioned his performance in the first inning as a prelude to his point about the cover. He then makes the point after condescending everyone that his point had nothing to do with performance. So why mention his poor first inning if your claim is that it had nothing to do with your point. -Update at 6:15

In the first inning, Harvey did give up two runs thanks to a Ruben Tejada and Ike Davis defensive screw up that allowed the second run to score.

He then shut down the Cubs retiring 20 of 21 at one point and even drove in the go-ahead run in the top of the 7th with two outs.

He overall went 7.1 innings giving up five hits, two runs, two earned, zero walks and six strikeouts in which every one of them ended the inning.

Oh and he got the Win as well moving to 5-0 with a 1.55 ERA.

Mike Harrington is a Buffalo News sports writer who was one of the media members who was more than thrilled to see the Mets leave Buffalo.

Winning the International League title and the AAA World Series is a big deal in Buffalo apparently and the Mets teams in Buffalo were pretty bad.

Mike felt that having the Blue Jays there instead would turn things around and even though the record is better, the attendance, for lack of a better term, still sucks.

He then decided today was the day that bashing Harvey after one bad inning, because he was not thrilled with him making the cover of Sports Illustrated, was a good idea.

Well nobody ever confused him with a member of Mensa and Harvey proved once again he is above any Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx.

Stick to the minor leagues Mike, it’s what you’re good at.

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