By: Michael Ganci

MUST-LISTEN: Fan Calls Francesa with Concerns Regarding Cubs Starter Chet Steadman


Mike Francesa was not to be duped when a caller phoned in to voice his concern about the Cubs game three starter, Chet Steadman.

Chet Steadman, as you all know, is the star pitcher in the movie “Rookie of the Year,” in which a young boy breaks his arm and suddenly has the ability to throw a major league fastball past the stars. Steadman takes on the role of mentor and eventually falls for the boy’s mom.

Here’s the clip from “Mike’s On”:

Now, if only the Mets can what Henry Roengartner’s mom Mary did to this doof to the Cubs, all will be fine, and we will have our first trip to the World Series in 15 years. Time will tell.

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