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NYDN Readers: Marv Throneberry Is 9th Most Powerful New Yorker In Sports


Earlier this week the New York Daily News did a list of the 50 most powerful people in New York Sports with Mets members like the Wilpons, Matt Harvey, Sandy Alderson and Jay Horowitz making the cut.

But the best development is the list made up of fan votes that was released in the paper and lets just say that certain “Nation” of fans might have had a bit of a say in who made the list and who did not.

Take a look….

The “Nation” that I’m referring too is the all powerful #MongoNation that is led by @OrdioMongo and is full of fans that love the one and only Mike Francesa.

With Francesa reaching #2 and of course the amazing inclusion of Jason Giambi at #5, you know they had plenty to do with the voting process and trolling it as hard as possible.

But one name that caught our eye here at the Stache is that of former 1962 Mets legend Marv Throneberry making the top ten at #9.

the former Met who was famous for some pretty epic play in the field, epic play meaning horrible of course for the 1962 and 1963 Mets somehow made the cut.

He hit .240 with 16 HR and 50 RBI in 130 games played with the Mets over those two years and will live on with Mets fans who watched him play for years to come.

Obviously the focus on this amazing troll job by #MongoNation has been put on Jason Giambi cracking the top five but good job by them getting Marvelous Marv in the top ten.

Let the 1962 Mets live on forever!

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