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Our Prayers To Shannon Forde of the Mets


Shannon Forde is a friend of mine and the person whom was able to get The Daily Stache as part of the unprecedented access this season that some Mets bloggers have throughout the year.

She is a kind, wonderful and easy to talk to person who has treated myself, Mike Ganci and Sean Engel this season with such class and dignity that you just don’t encounter anymore.

Today, It was revealed that she is now battling Stage 4 Breast Cancer and the news to me still has not sunk in.

It is something that may never sink in really, because Life is not fair, a person as great as she is should not have to fight something so horrible.

I will never forget, coming to a game alone, no other bloggers there, for a small press conference about ADHD and Andres Torres.

As I sat there, being about as shy and introverted as one can be when they are alone and have nobody to really talk too, she came up to me and started to talk to me.

She even went out of her way to introduce me to Howie Rose, the voice of the Mets, I was nervous as hell, this guy was one of my idols as a broadcaster, and thanks to Shannon I got to talk to him.

It was one of my favorite moments of my life, and it would not have taken place without Shannon Forde.

But with your help, we can make a contribution towards her fight and make this process and battle go as smoothly as possible.

I ask that all of you please visit to find out how you can help her fight and defeat breast cancer.

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