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Which pitcher is most likely to be dealt?


As the trade deadline approaches, rumors will continue to swirl about the likes of Bartolo Colon and Daniel Murphy.

With the Mets’ glut of outfielders, they will likely be looking for takers for the Youngs (Chris and Eric Jr.) as Granderson and Lagares are mainstays. My bet is that Eric Young Jr. remains in the lineup part-time, with Kirk Nieuenhuis and Eric Campbell coming off the bench. After Sandy Alderson realizes that nobody will take Chris Young’s contract, he’ll likely be DFA’ed and the Mets will own up to their mistake (Nelson Cruz?).

While Colon remains the most likely to be dealt, I don’t picture a major haul. Maybe one mid-to-upper level prospect should be enough, and I bet the Mets hold on to Murphy and try and work out an extension.

Now, while the first half closed with a flurrish, this team has holes no matter how the second half plays out. The pitching potential could be scary good in a year or two, but offensively, the Mets still lack the overall power to put them over the top.

To get assets, you need to trade assets, and the Mets have a lot of young arms. Who is the most likely to go to get that impact bat? Let’s take a look at the young guns the Mets have.


Matt Harvey: Before everyone flips out, I am not suggesting he’s for sale. Barring any health setbacks, he’s this teams ace for the foreseeable future. He is the one guy who the Mets will 100 percent bank on to be the anchor for what is a successful next few years in Queens.

Zack Wheeler: Despite the allure and intrigue from this year, I think Wheeler could be dealt in the right spot, but that would have to net a Piazza-like bat, a la Giancaro Stanton or someone of that nature. Most likely, he’ll stay and be a solid number two behind Harvey.

Jonathan Niese: Earlier this year, I would have said that he’s the guy to trade, but a lot of people have changed their tune. Niese, a valuable lefty, has been fantastic this year, and he could be the wily veteran to keep the group together.

Dillon Gee: This could be the guy. He’s also had a great year, when healthy, but like I said before, you have to trade assets to get them. I expect his name to be a prominent mention in trade talks during the off season.

Noah Syndergaard: Also a guy who is likely to be moved, but would have to be for the impact bat in some sort of package. People are worried because of his numbers in Las Vegas, but that’s akin to pitching in Colorado every five days. I don’t put much stock in it.

Jacob DeGrom: I don’t think anyone thought he’d be as good as he’s been thus far, so this off season might be the time to sell high with him. If not, the Mets could do a lot worse than him as the number four or five starter.

Rafael Montero: Very likely to be included in a package. He’s a control-based pitcher who has had ups and downs in the minors, and lately he’s had some injury concerns. But there is a high ceiling, and teams will be asking about him.

Here’s how I rank in conclusion.

Impossible to trade: Matt Harvey

Unlikely to trade: Zack Wheeler, Jonathan Niese

Possible to trade: Dillon Gee, Jacob DeGrom

Most likely trade bait: Noah Syndergaard, Rafael Montero


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