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Sandy Alderson Says What Mets Fans Don’t Want To Hear


It has only been about a week since news broke that the ownership of the New York Mets (Saul Katz, Fred Wilpon and Jeff Wilpon) were in fact, financially restricted by the massive loans that they had outstanding debt on.

With that news, some fans have even come back off the ledge to cut General Manager Sandy Alderson a tiny bit of slack due to the handcuffs he was working with.

But after some of the comments he made last night to a group of season-ticket holders at Citi Field late Thursday, outrage might start to settle in once again.

According to “Sandy Alderson expects the team’s payroll to increase with on-field success, but only if they’re supported by fans at the gate”. Geez Sandy, maybe you should have kept that comment to yourself? I understand how a balance sheet works and that his is a business, but 80% of your paying customers and fans probably don’t.

Telling fans that the only way the team can spend money is by giving them an ultimatum of “Come to Citi Field or get a crap product”, is an awful move that he may wind up regretting.

When your franchise averaged 26,695 fans per game (63.9% capacity) last year, you better find a creative way to get butts in those seats. No make subtle threats.  Put good players on the field and people will show up to the games.  Plain and simple Sandy.

Yes, young and exciting talent is on the way. But if the Mets get off to another bad start, Alderson can expect 15,000 fans at Citi Field on a Tuesday night. To be honest, If Alderson either released a statement or appeared on a local radio station and tried to clear up his comments, I would respect it.

But if this is allowed to rot out there for a while, he’s going to lose some of his supporters and maybe even some fringe fans that he was counting on for gate receipts.

Do the right thing Sandy, explain yourself.


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