By: Michael Ganci

Smoltz on Cespedes: He Might End Up in New York EITHER Way


With Yoenis Cespedes at the plate in the bottom of the third inning and the Mets trailing 3-0 Saturday, Matt Vasgersian and John Smoltz spoke about the future of Cespedes, and Vasgersian indicated that he thinks Cespedes fits in perfect with this city, and the Mets are expected to make a serious run to keep him once they settle their business for 2015.

John Smoltz responded with something that almost made me sick to my stomach, as he said he thinks “Cespedes might end up in New York either way,” seemingly indicating that the Yankees could vie for his services, and I threw up a little in my mouth.

The Yankees will have a glutten of outfielders next season with Jacoby Ellsbury, Brett Gardiner and Carlos Beltran. Will someone be leaving that Cespedes will replace? I say not, and the Yankees seem to have moved on from the “money is not an object” mentality. I wonder if becoming the second-best team in town might change that mentality.

Here’s who I think will be serious contenders: Tigers, Cubs, White Sox, Mariners and Braves. Based on Cespedes’ desire to play in a major city and loving attention, I believe it will be down to the Mets, Tigers, Cubs and White Sox.

Hopefully, Fred and Jeff will put their money where their mouth is, or we’re going to need some serious retooling after the post-season.

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