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Sports and Emotion: Get Over Yourself and Play the Game


Not only with the Mets, but this recent discussion regarding celebrations in sports it totally overblown.

This topic was brought up when the Mets were down big and Jordany Valdespin legged out a triple. He celebrated as if he were Jose Reyes, and people around baseball seemed to take exception to it.

The self-proclaimed “man” didn’t seem to care all that much, as his comments seemed to suggest teams hit him, and in return he’d just steal second base. I like that attitude. It gives the fans something to react to when someone pays with passion. That’s also the case when David Wright argued a strike three against a rookie umpire last night, but credit the neophyte for showing the restraint and not throwing Wright out of the game.

No disrespect to the Mets’ bench, but none of them would have went opposite field against Kimbrel…and that includes Valdespin.

Back to the topic at hand. Valdespin isn’t the only player in baseball known for his celebrations. Reyes, although on the shelf, has been known for it, as are other position players. Pitchers use the¬†patented fist pump (Joba Chamberlain, Jose Valverde) as well, and in Valverde and K-Rod’s case, there’s even a post-game salute to the heavens as well with a job well done.

Would you rather players be vanilla, show no emotion and just go about their business, or would you want to see some humanity, passion and emotion? I’ll take the latter.

What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.

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