Belinda G. Smith


Name: Belinda G. Smith
Hometown: New York, NY
Favorite All-Time Met: Can’t pick just one.  It would come down to a six-way tie:  Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Gil Hodges, Darryl Strawberry, Gary Carter and David Wright.
When You Started Writing for Daily Stache: March 2016
Why Are You a Met Fan: My earliest memories of baseball was my Dad listening to the Mets games on the radio.  I loved the sound and language of baseball, and was hooked.
Bio: Director of Pre-Medical Studies, The City College of New York/CUNY (2006 – present).  Have worked in academia for my entire career.  One son, Jacob, who is a college sophomore.  Born and raised in “Do or Die” Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, now live in Harlem.  Love jazz, 80s music, theater, film and of course, the New York Metropolitans.