Jordan Silver


Name: Jordan Silver
Hometown: Long Island, NY
Favorite All-Time Met: Keith Hernandez
When You Started Writing for Daily Stache: February, 2016
Why Are You a Met Fan: The Mets stunk when I was a kid. They were in last place every year. So it was easy to get tickets and sit where ever you wanted. My camp always got group games for Mets vs. Braves (another bottom dweller). How could you not love Dave Kingman? Or Joel Youngblood? Or Ellis Valentine? Or Bob Bailor?
Bio: Jordan Silver has been a journalist and marketing/multimedia consultant for over twenty years. He has produced documentaries and television productions both nationally and internationally. Aside from his own blog which observes politics and modern culture, he has been published in the Miami Herald, and various other publications. His company Ag Media Solutions, Inc. ( represents several boutique firms and religious organizations as their outsourced marketing department. In addition, his apparel line, Mondo Monster Wear (, features designs that parody sports and pop culture. He enjoys wine, cooking, golf, vintage movies and researching history and politics. In addition, he shares his love of the Mets, NY Giants, NY Rangers and music (The Beatles, RUSH and 80s Heavy Metal) with his two children. He lives on Long Island and can be found most summer weekend days on the beach or boat with his girlfriend and their blended families.
Twitter Handle: @ag_jordansilver