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Meriwyn Travisano- Stache Writer


Growing up in Summit, New Jersey, Meriwyn has been a Mets fan since the early 80’s.  They won their first World Series the year she was born, and their second during her senior year in high school.  Meriwyn is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, where she majored in Communication Sciences, and quickly became swept up in the world of college basketball, traveling with the men’s team all around the country as a member of the university’s Pep Band.  See, sometimes it pays to be a band geek!

An avid sports fan all of her life, she learned everything about baseball from her grandfather (a die-hard Yankees fan) when she was about 5 years old used to watch games with him.  She is a dedicated fan of the New York Giants, New Jersey Devils, New York Knicks and UConn sports as well.
Meriwyn currently resides in West Long Branch, New Jersey and longs to be a professional writer of both sports and novels.

Favorite Mets players include Ron Darling, Mike Piazza and David Wright.

Twitter: @Meriwyn

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