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The 411 on Bachelor Party Planning


They’ve already sent out the save the dates for the wedding and that means bachelor party planning needs to be in full swing. If you’re on a time crunch and aren’t sure how to make sure your friend has a great time, continue reading.

Choose a Date

The sooner you can choose a date, the better. You want people to know when you want them to book off work so they have plenty of time to plan and make it.

Make a Guest List

Speak to your friend and make sure they let you know about anyone they want to be invited to their bachelor party. Also, make sure you don’t invite anyone that they wouldn’t want there. You might think you’re going to give them a happy surprise but if you didn’t know about a falling out—it might be an awkward surprise.

Make a Full Day of It

If you’re just going out within the city and aren’t going on a destination bachelor party trip, make a full day of it. You can start with brunch and figure out the fun throughout the rest of the day. You could even take in a ball game during the day and still have plenty of fun that evening.

Establish a Budget

Before you start going wild with your list of things to do, make sure you determine your budget. There are plenty of things to do but your budget might not let you do all of them. Figure in the most important things first and then you can add in other things if you can afford them.

What Type of Entertainment Is Ok?

While you may have been to a couple of different bachelor parties that were a little on the wild side, you should make sure your friend is ok with the level of entertainment you provide.

Some people might be okay with strippers and alcohol at the bachelor party while another friend might find it extremely offensive—or you could get them in trouble with the soon-to-be wife.

Another important note: when you’re planning entertainment, make sure there is plenty of time in between each activity so you aren’t rushing from one place to the next.

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