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The Dark Fright


I was really hoping Matt Harvey would squash this 180 innings limit story by now. I thought, “Surely the supposed Dark Knight (A fan nickname that he has openly embraced) would say forget the innings limit; give me the ball.”

But all of a sudden, instead of putting out the fire starting between Scott Boras and the front office, Matt threw some gasoline on it and stepped aside. I can’t decide if this whole issue was brought about by Boras or Harvey. Did Matt complain to Boras who in turn wants to look like the bad guy to protect Harvey. Or is it just that Boras wants to protect his assets? There really is no way of telling at this point. From here on out, it’s going to play itself out over the next few weeks, to great distraction.

Whether Harvey or Boras initiated this controversy, it’s up to Harvey to not let it go weeks. This is the type of distraction that can derail a team. I, like so many other Mets fans, are so very disappointed in Matt, that he is just letting this come to a head now. If he is fatigued, he needs to come out and say it. At least that is a fair reason.

Obviously, this has taken Sandy Alderson and the rest of the organization by surprise. The timing of this couldn’t be much worse, and Matt Harvey’s complaining about 6-man rotations and wanting to finish out innings only makes it more odd. For once the blame is not on the Mets, it’s on team Harvey. So either he is hiding something or someone like Boras scared him into this.

Whatever the reason is, what it looks like is a guy solely concerned with his ability to get a big pay day down the road. It’s all understandable, I suppose, but did the subject have to come up in September? It seems to me like the Mets have been transparent about the subject matter all along.¬†Either way, Harvey’s perception in New York may never be the same after this.

And in this town, perception can be everything. In many fans’ minds, Harvey has gone from Godly to trade bait this offseason. And why not? Who wants a guy that will risk derailing his team’s season to suit his interests? If Matt Harvey shuts himself down now and the Mets cough up the division or get bounced quickly in the playoffs, I almost don’t want to see him back.

I don’t buy any of this innings limit garbage anyway. What is an inning? Is a 1-2-3 15 pitch inning, worth the same as a 30 pitch 2 run inning? Doesn’t it matter that Matt Harvey has been one of the most efficient pitchers in the league this year? Why are individual game based on a pitch count while seasons are measured against innings? There is zero science bend any of it and it’s maddening. It’s at best, an unscientific guess.

Furthermore, Harvey is almost two full years removed from the surgery, not 10-12 months like most of the other pitchers that many like to cite as proof that innings limits are necessary. And again, there is no science behind it. Harvey can shut himself down, and still tear a ligament in spring training.

Matt Harvey needs to not let this linger on for weeks. He’s the one that needs to squash it, not give vague answers. He needs to figure this out or prepare to be vilified in the media and crucified by the fan base for a long time.


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