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Welcome to #MetsTwitterDraft Day


While the Mets are off today, keeping us from enduring another 20 inning nightmare like we saw on Saturday, the fun on #MetsTwitter is going to continue tonight.

Tonight will be the first ever #MetsTwitter Draft to determine the teams for the #MetsTwitter All-Star Game. If you have been on Twitter since it was announced, you have seen that the anticipation is palpable.

What I wanted to do with this article is to refresh your memories on what exactly will be happening, when it will be happening and who will be involved.

What we here at the Daily Stache have done is create a Draft of people that are apart of #MetsTwitter to have two teams of 25 that will be considered the All-Star teams of #MetsTwitter.

We will have #TeamStache All-Stars managed by yours truly and #TeamPresser All-Stars which will be managed by Jon Presser who is the lead blogger at The Shea Faithful and is better known as @metsjetsnets88 on #MetsTwitter.

The #MetsTwitterDraft will be at 7 PM with myself and Jon tweeting every pick with a link to a Draft Board that Tyler Siminski (@tysim19) will be running for us.

He even gave you a preview of what the Draft could look like with his #MetsTwitterDraft Mock 1.0 last week.

Some people on Twitter have asked how can they be eligible. Well that is simple actually. If you are a Mets fan on Twitter then you are eligible and could be drafted.

Now there are some rules for who can be drafted so that the Rosters have a nice balance of all the different people that inhabit the community.

Each team must have at least the following on their rosters:

Two (2) Mets Beat Writers

Three (3) Mets Bloggers

Three (3) #MetsTwitter members with under 300 followers at the time of the draft.

One (1) Baseball Television Personality that is on Twitter.

One (1) Celebrity that is on Twitter that is also to be confirmed as a Mets fan.

Two (2) Current Mets Players that are on Twitter.

With the other (13) Thirteen remaining picks go to whomever on #MetsTwitter that Jon or I want to pick.

During the Draft on Twitter we will have our own Scott Ilowite aka “Earl” on Twitter (@ttlsportsblog) doing live commentary and interview of each person that is drafted and some of the people who will be waiting to hear their names called.

When the Draft has come to a close that will not be the end of this very fun exercise as we will have a #MetsTwitterRecap on what was said during the draft process.

When the picks are all done we will then have the competition portion of the #MetsTwitter All-Star Game. We will ask you to visit the Stache to vote for which team you think is the best one.

You can also show your support to the team you like the best by using the hashtags #TeamPresser or #TeamStache.

The voting will be open tonight and will stay open right up until 8 pm on July 16th which is when the All-Star Game at Citi Field will be taking place.

The team with the most votes will be the winner of the first ever #MetsTwitter All-Star Game.

So join us at 7pm tonight on the Stache and on Twitter and enjoy all the fun. You might even be drafted and can call yourself a #MetsTwitter All-Star this season.

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