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Wright Gets Ejected From Game, Calls Umpire Toby Basner “Worst He Has Ever Seen” (GIF)


In the top of the 7th inning of Mets blowout loss to the Angels on Sunday, David Wright and Daniel Murphy were ejected by rookie umpire Toby Basner.

Basner had, lets just say it nicely, a generous strike zone and the Mets were none to pleased about it for the entire game.

Wright was so upset that he said to Basner that he is the worst he has ever seen. The GIF of an angry Wright who was ejected for the fourth time in his career is below.


The Mets were never really in the game today and the strike zone was, lets tell the truth this time, atrocious. Good for Wright and Murphy to show some fire and get run from the game.

Plus the added bonus for them is that they got to head back to the clubhouse and not watch the rest of this disaster of a game.

(H/T to @sp219 for sending us the GIF)

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