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You Mad, Bro? (Chicago Cubs Edition)


From SB Nation’s Cubs Blog:

  • “Matt Harvey is really, really good. Not just because of the “phenom” tag, but he reminds me a lot of Mark Prior. There’s no shame in losing a game to Matt Harvey. But there is in losing a series to one of the worst teams in the league… gotta win the next two so that doesn’t happen.”
  • “The next Verlander – I hope he stays healthy”
  • “Harvey may be in the process of having a season like Steve Carlton’s 1972 As the pitcher on a bad team that no one can beat. He’s 5-0. The rest of the team is 11-23″
  • “They lost today because they were facing the latest incarnation of Cy Young.”
  • “We need the DH in the NL to keep these opposing pitchers from beating us with their bats.”
  • “I bet the Cubs and Mets finish with about the same record. Some good young players, some veterans hanging on … I’ll still say the Cubs win around 75. I bet the Mets fall a few wins short of that (health of players’ permitting).”
  • If the Mets win 75, it will be because Harvey wins 20+”
  • “That game just annoyed me to no end”


From the Cubs MLB Forum:

  • “I’m dying to see this Harvey kid also-been lights out so far!”
  • “Pray that he stays healthy. He is a special pitcher.”
  • “Jackson delivered a quality start. By definition, 6 plus innings and 3 earned runs or less. Bad base running and a bad missed catch in RF sabotaged the chance to win. Give Harvey credit. He’s a frontline pitcher.”
  • “1-6 with 5.76 ERA. But what a great quality start!”
  • “That’s worth $50 million?”
  • “I agree, Jackson has been a total disaster.”
  • “I live on Long Island and my wife is a Mets fan but I don’t watch them that often but I have watched a couple of Harvey’s starts this season. Brings back memories of a young Gooden.”
  • “since barney is japanese/korean he hoped he could jump over buck”
  • “Let’s be fair. Bell is not use to sending people on close plays.”
  • “True, he’s just used to slapping hands as the hitter rounds third on his solo homer.”
  • “At least lower a shoulder into the catcher. This team is soft”
  • “This team has no guts.”
  • “If Barney had charged Buck and bowled him over (even if out), he would have become a permanent Chicago legend. But, alas, it wasn’t to be…”
  • “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”

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