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You Mad, Bro? "Colorado: Meet Matt Harvey" Edition

Matt Harvey

From SB Nation's “Purple Row” Blog:

  • “It will greatly annoy me if the team does not show up tonight.”
  • “The problem is that Matt Harvey will show up too”
  • “This game may not be pretty with Harvey on the mound”
  • “I have zero expectations for the Rockies offense tonight. I just want to watch Matt Harvey, and hope he has one of his “8 shutout innings and a no decision” type starts”
  • “this will be harvey's bad start”
  • “Opponet BA against Harvey is only .193. Damn”
  • “if the Mets were ever willing to trade Daniel Murphy, i’d like the Rockies to take him..he’s a pretty good second baseman.”
  • “no-hitter over!”
  • “Nope, you can't have a perfect game. Not yours.”
  • “glad to see EY acting like our EY tonight.”
  • “Davis and Buck have to be two of the slowest players alive”
  • “Welp, that's it. Game over, man. Game over”
  • “On the plus side, we aren't being no-hit”
  • “Well if the Rox are going to lose to Harvey…Better he be in a Mets uni than a Giants uni.”
  • “I honestly thought we'd win this series against the Wrightless Mets.”
  • “Mets players are playing for jobs, Rockies players are playing because their name is on the lineup card.”
  • “It's sad watching Helton now, getting overnatched.”
  • “Nasty pitch right there. I tell you what.”
  • “Harvey's gonna buy Jhoulys a beer after the game “7 IP, 2 ER and a loss? I know that one””
  • “I wonder how many of the current Mets Make more per game than Bobby Bonilla?”
  • “fun fact: Bobby Bonilla makes 3.7 cents from the mets every second”
  • “Holy crap. That guy had the greatest agent/financial planner ever”
  • “Blown call?”
  • “LOL Terry, U MAD?”
  • “We needed Metsball there…Sadly, a DP instead.”
  • “we gave them too many of our players with gloves.”
  • “did we just intentionally walk ike davis for the second consecutive game”
  • “gotta scout him on the base paths somehow.”
  • “ooh, good point”
  • “What was it Fred Flintstone said? Wilmer!”
  • “Whoa. Harvey looks ok though.”
  • “Really hope Wainwright wins the Cy but god damn Harvey is so good”
  • “8th in the reverse standings”
  • “Oh on the verge of setting records we don't want to be setting worst road trip ever. hip hip hooray.”
  • “At this point, I say go for it. a record’s a record.”