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You Mad, Bro? “Da-na-na-na Da-na-na-na Harvey!” Ed.


From SB Nation’s “The Good Phight” Blog:

  • “Cliff Lee vs. Matt Harvey. There is no way this game is longer than two and a half hours, right?”
  • “And that’s a game-winning HR.”
  • “Delmon Young…earning his way back to the AL.”
  • “Off the fence then the top of the wall. Yep. That’s a homer.”
  • “Michael Young and Jonathan Papelbon should be traded yesterday.”
  • “yep that was completely unhittable….jeez EVERYBODY BUNT!!!!”
  • “Lighten the mood”

  • “Pap…well if that’s not the white towel, then i just don’t “
  • “Trade value plummeting.”
  • “Brown doing his best Ryan Howard impression”
  • “yeah tough day…Matt Harvey doesn’t help. The guy’s just nasty”

From MLB’s Philadelphia Phillies Forum:

  • “#phillies will win today.”
  • “What’s the chance Nix is out of baseball next year?”
  • “Well there goes the Harvey perfect game! ;-)”
  • “And cliffy gives up his first HR of many today….”
  • “Game over.”
  • “Geez.. Somebody suspend Byrd already.”
  • “Byrd with 17 dingers. Jeez.”
  • “hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha you gotta be kidding me right?”
  • “So when is the thread about Lee being terrible going to be up? We had one for cole in a matter of minutes.”
  • “Lee for Profar!”
  • “Haha our 2 “Aces” showed up again didnt they?”
  • “Mets hitting homers off of Phillies lefties. Some things don’t change.”
  • “Kratz needs a HR”
  • “never mind, Kratz wanted to get a drink and sit on the bench….”
  • “Harvey is making these clowns look silly..”
  • “If these Mutt announcers want to keep going theyll have to pull Matt Harveys pants down during the 7th inning stretch & group fellate him on the mound.”
  • “No, he’d strike out the side top 7, throw his glove to the ground, and drop trou to the strains of “God Bless America” between innings.”
  • “The cops would simply stand and marvel…”
  • “Phils announcers are about ready to gobble his knob as well.”
  • “Hey, Cliff? You’re supposed to keep them INSIDE the park… SMH”
  • “Harvey pitching. Everyone might as well go start up the grill and cook your dinner. This is over.”
  • “Why does this team hate being above .500 so much?”
  • “Tell me if this makes any sense. It is going to be a lot harder for the Phillies to reload, and improve, and the fan base is so much more demanding, because of it’s recent success. The Mets on the other hand have been down for years, and the fans have become used to getting dumped on, and realize the team is not going anywhere soon, and requires massive help, so might actually understand trading Harvey, but they had better get a BIG return, they also can’t go wrong holding on to him, could always trade later, just do it before the sore arm shows up, I would think AL, he is from CT, maybe Red Sox, or Yankees.”
  • “I think the entire NL East could outplay the Phils by 2015. The Phillies are by FAR the worst positioned team of all in the division, and it’s really depressing.”
  • “Domonic Brown may as well have stayed in bed today, he’s hopelessly overmatched..I think its now 7 career whiffs in 10 at bats vs Harvey..OUCH”
  • “Papelbon flashing the 90 mph fastball with Boston scouts in attendance. F*ck us :(“
  • “Interesting idea. Paps and cash for Castellanos. Hmmmm. Thanks for sharing.”
  • “High School Coaches are harder on there players then the Phillies Coaching staff… And they do not get paid.”

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  1. saul. (@sparbz)

    July 22, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    love the collection of rustled jimmies on this page. A+

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