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You Mad, Bro? On To The All-Star Break With A Win!


From SB Nation’s “Bucs Dugout” Blog:

  • Hope Eric Young doesn’t spark a free running onslaught against the Fort. But I picked him up for both my fantasy teams…. just in case!”
  • “For a guy that throws 97-99…guys sure do make good contact against him”
  • “Gee sucks. We should rock this guy today”
  • “The Mets lineup isn’t much better than Triple A. Stop with the excuses.”
  • “Wow, the Mets’ D is terrible”
  • “Jones WTF?”
  • “What is Jones doing?”
  • “LOL Gee”
  • “Um… what was Gee doing? Cole wasn’t moving any faster than a slug. He had all day. But thanks!”
  • “Well if Cole doesn’t pan out as a pitcher I guess we could move him to first”
  • “Oh shit. not another one.”
  • “Dillon Gee is one of the worst (stuff-wise) starters in the league. We gotta get over this guy shutting us down”
  • “Gee pulled his bat back on a pitch RIGHT down the middle (the second strike)…when his only job was to bunt. Ends up striking out. I just… wow.”
  • “Basic fundamentals that aren’t so basic, I guess. No wonder they’re awful.”
  • “Mets Definitely look like a bad team. Have some good players but they seem to botch a lot of plays.”
  • “I wish there were this many zeros in my bank account”
  • “Putrid”
  • “Gee whiz”
  • “Well at least we are getting to their bad bullpen”
  • “Atchinson looks old enough to be in a “Legends” game.”
  • “Atchison wasn’t old enough….now they bring in Hawkins? Will Tug McGraw close?”
  • “God dammit pedro please dont K we got nobody behind you”
  • “2 misses on meatballs now will swing and shit in the dirt”
  • “Hawkins pitched the sh!t out of pedro”
  • “well that sucked”
  • “Don’t walk quesadilla twice in one game”
  • “Ike Davis is brutal”
  • “I don’t feel bad for them”
  • Barmes’ walk-up music is hilarious…Journey? Really?”
  • “Barmes???? I’m laughing right now.”
  • “Clint Barmes hasn’t stopped believing”
  • “Don’t Stop Believin’ (I’m deserving of a roster spot). Only lyrics you catch before his AB is … “Just a smalltown girl…” hahahahaha”
  • “Nightmare start to the season. I won’t masturbate while this horrible run continues.”
  • “Fun game tho, no nails left. Can’t imagine what playoff baseball would do to me.”
  • “but, hey, five All-Stars!”


From MLB’s Pittsburgh Pirates Forum:

  • “Just win, Baby!”
  • “How many stolen bases do we think McKenry gives up today? I’m pretty sure he’s about to give up one in the first.”
  • “We need more warning track power!”

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