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You Mad, Bro? Phuck Yeah, You Are! Edition

Jimmy Rollins

From MLB's Philadelphia Phillies Message Board:

  • “Phillies are notorious for exploding for a dozen or more runs and hits in a game, and then coming back the next day totally flat, offensively.”
  • “here we go”
  • “Hamels is nibbling and not holding runners on. Loss incoming”
  • “phillies need new starting pitchers sellllllll”
  • “Cole is such a joke”
  • “just take him outta the game already. get off your %$#”
  • “F'king young. Your D blows.”
  • “”His contract will rival Howards as a complete joke.” No one's contract will match that abomination.”
  • “Somebody needs to remind Wheels that walks don't matter.”
  • “Has Cole closed the Barn door?. Unfortunately the horses are gone.”
  • “There is a hawk in my back yard and it look like it is teaching his/her baby how to catch rabbits. it caught one and now the little hawk is screaming. very annoying.”
  • “Manuel's overconfidence in his hitters irks me.”
  • “awful pitcher, awful manager”
  • “Cole is terrible against Mr. Met.”
  • “Ruiz looks terrible.”
  • “Not a good idea calling Satan out on strikes.”
  • “Ruiz is off the juice.”
  • “Who is pitching tomorrow? Harvey? Yikes!”
  • “The only thing stopping this team from contending is the fact that the payroll is too high, the talent level is too low and the farm is yielding nothing.”
  • “As we celebrate the anniversary of the first landing on the Moon, I am reminded that if the Phils do not make the playoffs by one game, they had SOOOOOO many chances to win this game. Close is not good enough.”
  • “The Phillies will win on Sunday Cliff the CAT is pitching.”
  • “Cole Hamel's is terrible. There is no way around it, he is the biggest disappointment in baseball”
  • “144 MILLION dollars to be well below average. Terrible contract.”
  • “Step 1: Nibble around the plate. Step 2: Get behind in the count. Step 3: Throw a hittable 90 mph fastball directly over the plate to attempt to get back into the count. Step 4: Major league hitter gets good wood on said fastball.”
  • “Jimmy has always been for Jummy, he is not a ream player. Look after the first inning HR, is sitting, laughing and talking about his HR the whole time on th bench with his shades on.”
  • “Jimmys act and jimmy are getting old.”

From “Phillies Phans” Game Thread:

  • “Gotta wonder how much better we would be this year and in the future had we sold high on Hamels at the deadline last year.”
  • “boy does wheeler throw with such little effort.”
  • “bet the house harry that they don't sniff a win tomorrow with harvey pitching. with harvey and wheeler, the mets are set up for years with a 1-2. or maybe a 1-1. Rube take a look at what a real trade looks like with the giants. need this one today. hang in there.”
  • “Hamels is the single biggest disappointment of this year”
  • “With that hit, Delmon Young has a higher BA than Utley and Brown”
  • “Wheeler would have walked a lot of guys today if they would have allowed him to do so.”
  • “oh my goodness..I can't believe I just heard announcers say the Phillies are doing a much better job this inning at showing patience…..”
  • “Ruiz sure is looking bad at the plate today.”
  • “Why not let Hamels bat before removing him from the game? Surely nobody thinks Nix is a better bet to get on base.”
  • “Laynce Nix's last 17 AB's, 10 K's, I actually thought it would be worse than that. :roll: 1 hit
  • “Here comes Antonio Bastardo”
  • “WHY?”
  • “Mets doing much better than Phils today getting bloops to fall in.”
  • “The Mets are doing better than the Phils today at pretty much everything…?”
  • “Phillies find way to lose a very winnable game.”
  • “Hamels shouldn't lose to the Mets in a game in which our offense scores 4 runs.”