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You Mad, Bro? "The Wheeler Of Fortune"


From SB Nation's “Talking Chop” Blog:

  • “Going to the game tomorrow, considering I’m 16, is wearing a braves shirt a bad idea?”
  • “Nah. I used to live in Brooklyn. Always wore my Braves stuff. There might be a bit of ribbing, but Mets fans are actually pretty great.”
  • “OMFG, I can already hear that asshole barking.”
  • “I am beyond ready for Gattis to be a masher again at the plate.”
  • “Don't hold your breath”
  • “But, I’m already turning blue.”
  • “Not sure I want to see Latroy “Cy” Hawkins again after I had just finished repressing my memories of his last sighting.”
  • “Awfully quiet in here tonight.”
  • “Jeez so I know we all gained lots of respect for EYJr. for his class with regard to Huddy, but please don’t score”
  • “that is probably the equivalent of a BJ RBI single to the other team…”
  • “ike hitting .300 .477 .500 .977 since the all-star break, so nope”
  • “I am getting tired of seeing Ike Davis get big hits against the Braves. “
  • “wheeler has stupid-looking facial hair growing on his chin like dillon gee”
  • “Anybody else watching the Mets' telecast?”
  • ” I generally like their announcers”
  • “Definitely the best commentators in the NL East.”
  • “I can’t believe you guys. Yes, they’re the best in the NL East, but I really can’t stand them overall”
  • “I was just gonna say that their announcers are raving about Wheeler’s stuff today, so that’s a bad sign for us”
  • “P-Yawn”
  • “Christ, Janish is horrible.”
  • “Janish getting very close to the Janish Line”
  • “D'Ar-NOT”
  • “Not looking forward to facing Harvey and Wheeler for the next 5 years……”
  • “WTF are you swinging at?”
  • “Gattis is being an asshole.”
  • “eric young got the best fit theme song on MLB lol”
  • “Wheeler is on his game tonight.”
  • “Ike Davis First home run off K. Kawakami”
  • “It was a SHOT too.
  • “WOW. That was crushed”
  • “Why do the Braves struggle to score at Citi Field?”
  • “kid's got nasty stuff”
  • “It appears we forgot to pack our bats again. Or did they get misrouted on their way to New York?”
  • “On the bright side the Mets will be into their pen soon”
  • “Whatever happened to us putting up 5 or 6 runs in one inning?”
  • “It’s so quiet in here.”
  • “This offense is offensive tonight and not in a good way”
  • “Road blues so far with a dash of Wheeler”
  • “McCann's arm… garbage.”
  • “well fuck me runnin'!”
  • “B.J. Upton for Marlon Byrd? sigh”
  • “I wonder what the deal with Citi Field is for the Braves this season. It has been a tough place for them to play.”
  • “The smell of warm piss all around the ballpark distracts us.”
  • “And to think I stepped away from plunging the toilet to watch part of this game.”
  • “Did you see a brave's win circling the bowl?”
  • “If we could just get to the Mets BP, we could still pull out a W”
  • “Damn, what have the Mets been doing to our 'pen of late?”
  • “STFd'Arnaud”
  • “Yay, Ayala.. Pls don’t let Byrd kill us again.”
  • “I fully expect this to not end well”
  • “and THAT'S WHY we need Ayala in the playoffs you guys. Veteran smoothness in high pressure situations”
  • “Gattis is bad right now.”
  • “that ball was murdered”
  • “fuckin Fredi. and Ayala, too.”
  • “Why is Ike Davis so good against the Braves and why was Ayala still in the game?”
  • “That was pretty impressive right there.”
  • “Somewhere, in The Braves organization is a AAA team with Ayala’s name on it.”
  • “This guy kills me…How in the holy hell has LaTroy “Freakin” Hawkins stayed in the league sooooooo long?”
  • “this is horse shit”
  • “Man Hawkins never ages”
  • “In Yoda years”

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