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You Mad, Bro? "Zack The Snake Charmer" Edition

Zack Wheeler

From SB Nation's “AZ Snake Pit” Blog:

  • “LOL Mets”
  • “Is this a tetris strike zone tonight?”
  • “Cody Ross would be a perfect and frightening rodeo clown.”
  • “More so than Eric Byrnes?”
  • “Hmmm so which Wheeler is this? Both Good and Evil Wheeler are with the Rockies now. But this Wheeler is a Wheeler of Another Sort.”
  • “Ex-Giant Wheeler”
  • “If only he was still on the Giants, because that would be perfect.”
  • “Welcome to the4th inning of doom”
  • “McCarthy looks like he’s one life disappointment from spending the rest of his years searching for the Lost Dutchman Mine.”
  • “Hmmm Maybe Wheeler IS worth slightly more than two months of older Carlos Beltran”
  • “Yeah, just maybe”
  • “What? Ugh. Nieves should have blocked that.”
  • “time to rudely disrupt Wheeler’s rhythm.”
  • “I guess I can start working on the recap soon.”
  • “Having Hernandez IBB Davis makes baseball sense.”
  • “You have to be kidding me.”
  • “”A much thinner version of Miguel Cabrera of the tigers.” Stop it.”
  • “HUGE AB coming up for Parra.”
  • “Ffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuu……”
  • “Strike three looking? Really?”
  • “Jumping off a bridge now, bye”
  • “Off of the bridge at Tempe Town Lake? If you don’t drown, you’ll get a flesh eating bacteria!”