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10 Things Mets Fans Will Hate About The Mets In 2013


Well, we have finally reached February, only one week or so until Spring Training is under way. Time has flown by since the Mets season ended in Miami and before you know it, it will be Opening Day at Citi Field in April.

As we begin to get ready for another season of New jeff-fred-wilponYork Metropolitan baseball. I thought that helping you, our loyal reader, prepare for the upcoming season was the least I could do.

To get us started, I thought we would do a top ten list of the things you may notice other Mets fans will be hating as the season goes on.

If you have to frequent the brilliant community that is known as #MetsTwitter you may or may not see that some of the people involved don’t normally see the glass as half full.

Actually, I believe that the proper way to describe it would be a “Glass as half empty with a hole at the bottom”.

The point is that some Mets fans are just not happy with almost anything or everything. Four years of losing and fourth place finishes can do that to a fan base.

So without further ado, here are the Top Ten Things Mets Fans Will Hate About The Mets in 2013 and the reasons why the fans will show them hate.

1. Sandy Alderson

Why The Hate?: The cheap GM who adheres to a system that most fans don’t like and understand and the promises and optimism contradicting his actions can also be kind of annoying

2. Terry Collins

Why The Hate?: Lame duck Manager of a team that has technically gotten worse in the two seasons since he took over? It’s almost hard for most fans not to hate him.

3. The Outfield

Why The Hate?: Who are these guys? Just a bunch of career minor leaguers, guys not ready and other assorted bums who make up MLB’s worst outfield.

4. Ownership

Why The Hate?: Broke Liars who have helped bring the franchise down and have pretty much no cache with the fan base. Gotten a ton of breaks from best pal Bud Selig to keep the team when they should have sold it a long time ago.

5. David Wright

Why The Hate?: Just signed the largest contract ever given out by the Mets. Never can carry the team on his back. Never gets a big hit, cant field. It can go on and on.

6. The Beat Writers

Why The Hate?: Arrogant writers who do nothing but point out the negatives about the Mets. Complain about their jobs for the sake of complaining. Trolls of Epic Quality.

7. Citi Field

Why The Hate?: It has an homage to a player who never played for the Mets. It’s design is similar to a stadium the Mets never played in. They had to reconfigure it after three years. The Mets never win there.

8. Other Fans

Why The Hate?: Differing opinions lead to much of the hate here. Either you are ok with the Rebuild, or you are not ok with the Rebuild. It leads to some interesting debates on #MetsTwitter.


Why The Hate?: They go out of there way to not mention one thing that is good about the Mets. They keep us from hearing a game called by the great Gary, Keith and Ron. Also, Fox once had Kevin Burkhardt do play by play, that’s just throwing salt on the wounds.

10. Justin Turner

Why The Hate?: He is the kind of player who does just enough to keep getting chances but never does enough to become a everyday player. He is your typical 25th man. Terry Collins loves him. The SABR guys loathe him. Most think the fans overvalue him. He pretty much cant do anything right.

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