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A Little Shoppach Therapy: A Look at the Mets’ New Catcher


Much can be said for the proverbial “change of scenery” in the MLB.  It can turn slumping players into All-Stars, or in the case of Jason Bay, sadly, a home run smasher into bench fodder.  In the case of Mets’ new catcher Kelly Shoppach, he seems to be fitting in quite nicely in New York.

Shoppach, 32 years young, has learned from the best of them.  He came up through the system playing for such names as Joe Maddon (Tampa Bay Rays), Manny Acta (Cleveland Indians) and Bobby Valentine (Boston Red Sox) before being claimed by the Mets this season.  Originally drafted by the Red Sox in 2001, he was later dealt to the Cleveland Indians in 2004, and then to the Rays in 2009.

A Texas native, and subsequently a Cowboys fan (the one thing I can’t forgive him for haha), Shoppach grew up playing both baseball and football, lettering in both before going on to Baylor University.  He has a few notable notches on his resume, having caught a no-hitter for the Rays’ Matt Garza in 2010, and also drove in the first-ever run at the new Yankee Stadium when he played for the Indians (that should make Mets fans proud!)

And what an impact he’s made!  Already proving to be a clutch hitter and helping the Mets’ rally cause, he has already shown he’s a power hitter to be reckoned with.  He also calls a heck of a game, and the pitching staff seems to respond well to him thusfar.  With the exception of R.A. Dickey (whom he hasn’t caught yet), the other pitchers seem to be calm and collected when Kelly is behind the plate…at least from my untrained eye.  Terry Collins seems to like him as well, inserting him into the lineup more often than not these days.  Let’s hope the trend continues!

Plus, I’m not too ashamed to say he reminds me of a teddy bear and I just want to hug him LOL. (That was for you, Joe!)  He’s got a beard that is fear-worthy (other thoughts come to mind as well, but I digress…).  Also, he has a pet hedgehog!  How cool is that??  Ladies and gents, I present to you Oliver Rainbow Sparkles…Shoppach…

(picture courtesy of Kelly Shoppach’s twitter)

I think the acquisition of Kelly Shoppach has been one of Sandy Alderson’s brighter moments so far.  This Mets fan hopes he sticks around for a few years.  He’s a much needed breath of fresh air in Queens.

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