By: Stache Staff

Adam Rubin Hates Your Matt Harvey Tweets


Lets be perfectly honest here we all know that @_mistermet from the #MetsTwitter could be the main subject of the tweet you see above. He of the famous RT Vault, which now has it’s own account (@RTVault God Bless Twitter) has been more than happy to remind Adam what he tweeted about Matt Harvey last year. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can see for yourself below.

Of course coming off the heels of a Nine Inning, One Hit, 12 strikeout ass kicking of the Chicago White Sox, Matt Harvey is proving himself as a pretty good pitcher.

Or if you listen to Adam Rubin, Zack Wheeler is the next coming of Jesus Christ with a fastball.

Either way, the Mets seem to be a pretty good spot when it comes to starting pitching in the future with Harvey and Wheeler.

Now when it comes to Adam Rubin’s future as a scout…. that is not so bright.


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