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Buzzfeed Lists 84 Thoughts Mets Fans Will Have This Year


Buzzfeed has quickly become of the best and most read places on the internet when it comes to getting news, non-news and quizzes that tell you which character of a popular TV show you are.

While taking a look to see what interesting posts they had posted, we here at the Stache came across this post from Matt Kiebus which lists “84 Thoughts Every Mets Fan Will Have Over The Course Of The Season”

We don’t want to keep the article from getting the hits that it rightfully deserves, so we wont list all 84, but here are just some of the thoughts that we found to be the best ones.

3. You know, this could be a pretty tough lineup, if either Ike Davis or Lucas Duda produces.

9. Maybe Tejada will play with a chip on his shoulder.

13. That Ike Davis jersey I got on sale last season is going to be a great investment.

20. Where is my Lastings Milledge t-shirt jersey?

23. Jenrry Mejia should never cut his hair.

27. I wonder if Gary, Keith and Ron could do a better job coaching this team?

32. I could hit better than Ruben Tejada.

33. I love Timmy Teufel, but Cookie Rojas was arguably the best 3rd base coach ever.

37. Kevin Burkhardt would probably be a cool uncle.

39. Man, 2006…

44. At least Philly sucks too.

48. Where the hell is Wally Backman?

50. Fuck John Rocker.

54. Okay, we’re out of the division race, but we’re only 9.5 back in the Wild Card!

61. I miss Keith Hernandez’s mustache.

65. What if Harvey never recovers? & 66. Or worse…what if he becomes a Yankee?

69. You know what? Give me Amando Benitez in his prime any day of the week.

72. Beer at CitiField should really be cheaper in September.

73. I recognize one third of our starting lineup.

76. I should look into seeing a therapist.

77. Fuck Derek Jeter.

84. We’re gonna be awesome next year.

The article is a good read and honestly is a pretty good breakdown of how us Mets fans feel during the season. Now where exactly did I leave my Lastings Milledge t-shirt jersey…

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