By: Delfim A. Heusler

Daily Stache Article: Do the NY Mets need to make changes to Lineup, or is it too early in the season?


The NY Mets are off to a 2-4 in the early part of this 2016 season. But at this moment it seems all is going wrong for the Mets in terms of all parts of their game. Do changes need to be made in order to get the Mets out of this funk that they are In. GIve us your thoughts.

The Starting Pitching has been off as well as the hitting of the Mets, what can be done to turn this around so the Mets can contend like it was anticipated that they would. What changes can be made to this team to turn it around. A shake up must happen in my view to turn this around and it starts tonight as Noah Syndergaard takes to the mound against Marlins Ace Jose Fernandez. The bad feeling must end and the Mets must take control and starting turning this around. Curtis Granderson, Travis d’Arnaud and other Met Hitters must pick it up. I will continue to do weekly articles on The Daily Stache Website on the NY Mets.

Delfim Heusler

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