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Down On The Farm: Guys to Re-Stock Buffalo Barn


The World Series is slowly coming to an end, in case you didn’t know yes there is a World Series going on, apparently the Cardinals and Rangers are playing. Well with the Fall Classic cooling off the hot stove is beginning to heat up.

Of course everyone is going to worry about where guys like Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, CC Sabathia, David Ortiz, Jose Reyes, and other high-end free agents are going to end up, but what about the rest? The guys who are non-roster invitees who don’t make the Major League team and end up in Triple-A as veteran leaders in the minors.

Last season we had the likes of pitchers Boof Bonser, Gustavo Chacin, Casey Fossum, catcher Raul Chavez and infielders Chin-Lung Hu and Val Pascucci.

This year I would like to see Sandy Alderson bring in some talented veteran leaders for the Triple-A clubhouse because we all know with the Mets’ current training staff there’s bound to be injuries.

Here’s a list of nine guys I wouldn’t mind seeing signing a Minor League deal with the Mets with an invitation to 2012 Spring Training…

Willie Bloomquist – Well he may get a Major League contract but Bloomquist is a guy I always liked back in the day with the Seattle Mariners. Both he and Mike Morse made a really enjoyable double-play combination when Morse still played shortstop and Bloomquist was a natural second baseman. Now Bloomquist can play anywhere and give you a great versatility guy to call up when needed.

Kyle Davies – The former Braves right-hander hasn’t had the best of luck, nor is he that ‘great’ of a pitcher. But compared to the guys in recent Mets’ history, Brian Lawrence, Jose Lima, Chan Ho Park, I would pick him over those guys for a spot-start if needed.

Greg Dobbs – Yes, I know he’s a former Phillie, but big deal. If he’s healthy I think the left-handed bat off the bench would be a great addition if he doesn’t get a Major League deal anywhere. He still has some decent bench-power after having eight dingers last year with Florida.

Mark Ellis – Low cost, high reward. Health is another issue for Ellis, I would be surprised if he got a Major League contract anywhere, no doubt would he be a non-roster invitee. Plus he’s an Oakland A guy so no doubt would he be on Alderson’s radar. In nine seasons he has 92 home runs and 459 RBI.

Willie Harris – Yes, bring him back…in a heartbeat. Many people forget he was a non-roster invitee last season, so let’s do it again! His headshot on the scoreboard both in the 2011 Mets’ yearbook and on the scoreboard on Opening Day made headlines mostly on this website… #WillieHarrisFace.

Scott Kazmir – He is not getting a Major League deal as Rick Petersen’s prediction finally came true, “he’s too small and will get hurt.” While that came to fruition last season, I still think he could be a valuable piece for a mediocre team like the Mets will be next season as a left-handed reliever and possible set-up man.

Adam Kennedy – Spark plug off the bench, and can possibly be one of those (hold your ears Mets fans) Brad Emaus guys who could platoon at second base next season. He had a nice season as a role player for the Mariners last season with 38 RBI in 114 games.

Chris Ray – Ray has closer experience albeit with a bad team like the Baltimore Orioles, his career ERA is 4.10 which isn’t awful. Ray would be a nice option should Parnell or whomever is closing for the Mets falters at some stretch through the season.

Matt Stairs – Is he retiring? Probably. But like Dobbs earlier, Stairs can give you a strong left handed power bat off the bench or if he’s in the minors can really teach the young players a lot. A lot of people say he’s still a DH only, but he’s been in the National League since 2008 and last I checked there is no DH in the NL.

Matt Treanor – A nice third string catcher to replace Raul Chavez as the backup at Triple-A with Major League experience, Treanor has never had a Major League batting average above .269 but he is a good clubhouse guy and would be a nice guy to call up if Thole and whomever the primary backup could be next season.

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