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For Maj…It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: Mets 8, Giants 7


It is said you can’t assume a double play, and on Monday night… (that’s for you too Maj LOL)

Better late than never!  Yes, yes, I know this is a bit late, and I apologize but I feel asleep in the middle of the 9th inning and didn’t wake up until it was time to go to work.  I know, blasphemy, right?  Hey, at least we weren’t across the bay in Oakland, where the Rays/A’s affair went 15 innings!  I was quite pleased however to wake up and see that we held on for a 2-game winning streak!  Yay!  Even Jason Bay got off the schneid!

Defense on both teams last night was pretty bad.  Luckily for the Mets, the Giants started to fall apart late in the game.  Between booted double plays, ole’s! and dropped balls in the outfield…cue the circus music for everyone last night.

The less than stellar umpiring crew didn’t help much either.  CB Buckner continues to have the most confusing strike zone in baseball, but at least he was consistent for both teams.  Dale Scott made probably the worst call of the night when David Wright was called out at 2nd after Ryan Theriot clearly never had possession of the ball.

Boy, do they love Andres Torres in San Francisco or what?  He got a really nice ovation from the home crowd during his first AB, and there were a few fan-made signs around the park that were dedicated to him.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re known as one of the nicest guys in baseball.

Turning Point

Well, there were about 3 in this see-saw nightmare, but I’d have to go with Scott Hairston’s second home run of the night that tied the game in the 8th and gave the Mets the fight they needed to rally.  Justin Turner deserves props here too for his 2-run double.

Moment(s) of Note

Poor Andres Torres going ass-over-teacups in a tangle with Madison Bumgarner, resulting in a (hopefully not majorly) injured right thumb.  Ironically enough, his counterpart Angel Pagan also hurt his hand…by punching something.

Ronny Cedeno laughing…LAUGHING, after he booted what was probably the most important play of the game…the double-play-that-wasn’t that should have ended the 6th inning.  The inning would eventually end in a 2-run San Francisco lead, but Jeremy Hefner (who has been tremendous) got himself out of a jam to end the inning.

Ruben Tejada seems to have taken on the role of settling pitchers down on the mound when they get rattled.  I like the initiative and it shows he’s really gelling with the rest of the team.  LOVE his heart, hustle and budding leadership this year.  Takes a bit of the pressure off David and spreads the love.

Not sure who SF skipper Bruce Bochy was muttering to last night, but SNY showed him in an animated conversation with SOMEONE while standing in the dugout.  Ghosts?  Voices in his head?  The FABULOUS umpiring crew? #sarcasm

Josh Edgin and Jon Rauch pitched beautifully last night.  Bobby…not so much.  Particular kudos to Edgin who threw a perfect strike to end a bases-loaded, 3-2 count inning to keep the game tied.

Poor Aubrey Huff, fresh off the DL for the Giants, makes one appearance and re-injures his knee.  Back to the DL we go!

Game Ball

Have to go with Scott Hairston here too.

Next Game

The 2nd outing of Matt Harvey! (1-0, 0.00 ERA) He will take the mound tomorrow against, of all people, Timmy Lincecum (still love him) (4-11, 5.88 ERA) in game 2 of this 4-game series between the Mets and Giants.  First pitch at 10:15 pm EST.  The game can be seen on SNY and heard on WFAN660 AM. @MetsWFAN @dailystache @Meriwyn

Let’s go METS!!

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