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Free Agents: A to Z


The only way I’d sing any of these guys is if The Price is Right!


Since the offseason just started and free agency is just getting underway today, we figure it would be a good idea to brush up on our alphabet and pick one free agent from every letter of the alphabet that the Mets should at least consider signing at some point this offseason.

Do I expect all of these guys to sign with the Mets? No chance, if they sign one or two on the following list I’d be shocked myself, it’s the offseason and I was just having some fun with this crazy idea that came into my head, and hope you enjoy too!

A: Rick Ankiel –He was released by the Nationals for some guy named Harper, but I still feel Ankiel has something left in the tank. Do the Mets need a lefty bat with the likes of Lucas Duda and Kirk Nieuwenhuis? No, but a more consistent hitter in the outfield would be a nice addition.

Is Bill Bray the next Tim Byrdak?

B: Bill Bray – Lefty reliever, who only picked up 8.2 innings in 14 outings. Clearly a guy I would consider signing to be your ‘lefty specialist’ as a replacement to Tim Byrdak. Sure Josh Edgin is there but we all saw what happened when there was just one reliever in the ‘pen before Edgin was called up in 2012.

C: Manny Corpas – He’s a minor league free agent, and will only get a minor league contract wherever he goes. He is a guy with closers experience and last season pitched between a 4 and 5 ERA between stints with the Chicago Cubs and AAA-Iowa. If he signs he’s clearly destined for Las Vegas, but not a bad arm to have in the minors.

D: Manny Delcarmen –Like Corpas, Delcamen also has some solid major league experience including his impressive 2.05 ERA in 2007. Last season he pitched for the traveling circus known as the AAA-Scranton-Wilkes Barre team, with a 4.42 ERA in 39 games for the Yankees’ top affiliate.

Could Nick Evans be coming back?

E: Nick Evans – No, I’m not joking…or making fun of currently missing @Miss_Met … I think Evans could provide a right-handed bat in terms of depth that the Mets need. He plays corner outfield and first base for those of you who forgot, and he’s also added a 3rd baseman’s glove to his repertoire since joining the Pirate organization.

F: Josh Fields – He’s a guy who hit .322 in the Pacific Coast League last season with AAA-Albuquerque. He’s a light-hitting infielder who could be used just to provide some veteran depth in the minors.

G: Armanda Galarraga – The guy who nearly threw a no-hitter had it not been for an umpire’s mis-call. Galarraga was cast off the Houston last season, while with AAA-Round Rock he had a 3.97 ERA in 10 starts. I’d give him a shot, and have him add a good right-handed arm in reserve.

H: Scott Hairston – Bringing back Hairston is likely so this one will be brief. He is a good bench player, who added a nice right-handed pop off the bench. Bring him back, if the price is right.

I: Cesar Izturis– Old man like Jose Valentin was back in the day, later on I’ll write the same about Wilson Valdez so I would only sign one of the two to add that old man to teach some of the young Spanish speaking infielders that are up and coming.

Reed Johnson should be one of the Mets top targets this offseason.

J: Reed Johnson – I’ve always been a big supporter of players like Reed Johnson, who work their butts off for small-market teams and continue to work their way from team to team, similar to Jon Rauch. Reed Johnson is a perfect fit for the Mets and I could see him as an everyday starter for the Mets, but is he ready? He’s never been much of an everyday starter, and has always been a better platoon guy, Johnson+Baxter=Leftfield2013

K: Austin Kearns – Kearns came up and was a semi-superstar with the Reds batting behind Adam Dunn, but never really panned out long-term. Since his time with Cincinnati he’s bounced around with Washington, Cleveland, the Yankees and spent 2012 with the Marlins and hit .245 in 87 games.

L: Brad Lidge – Like Ankiel, Lidge was released by the Nationals this season. Also like Ankiel, I still feel he’s got something left in the tank, you just don’t lose talent like that in the blink of an eye. He hasn’t been the same since his days in Houston, but he could be a valuable asset out of the Mets bullpen in 2013.

M: Casey McGehee – A solid depth-like infielder who can play 1st, 2nd or 3rd…he’s a right-handed bat who’s got some pop with 61 home runs and 283 RBI in 1551 games. If the price is right, he could be a perfect fit as a platoon with Murphy at second base and could spell Wright and Davis from time-to-time.

N: Dioner Navarro – Remember when he was a can’t miss prospect for the Yankees? Well he never really panned out but has had a solid Major League career, he did hit .290 this year with the Reds and could definitely be a good fit in the Mets lower portion of the batting order.

O: Sean O’Sullivan –Yet another right-handed arm to use for depth, he’s only 27 years old so there’s still time for him to turn into a useful Major League pitcher.

Joel Pineiro is another low-rish high-reward type pitcher.

P: Joel Pineiro – He was a minor league free agent with the Orioles organization this past year. Pineiro had surgery on a shoulder labrum back in July and take some time to heal, but he’s a low-risk high-reward type player.

Q: Guillermo Quiroz – Veteran catcher that I would bring in on a spring training invite he’s a Major League .206 hitter, but a guy who would be a useful 3rd or 4th string catcher. With the Mets training staff you know that isn’t a bad thing.

R: Jon Rauch – BRING HIM BACK! If not there will likely be a mutiny…but then again his asking price may be a bit too high.

S: Tim Stauffer – Made only one start in 2012 after suffering a flexor tendon injury in his pitching elbow. He’s been a serviceable back-of-the-rotation pitcher and would be a good guy for added depth like Galarraga as mentioned earlier.

T: Matt Treanor – A nice backup catcher to have that is a right-handed bat, but if Thole is going to be your backup then you need someone who has more of a starters build. An added bonus would be the the marketing you could make from his wife (beach volleyball legend Misty May-Treanor).

U: Koji Uehara – Had a fantastic season for Texas out of the bullpen, he could be a guy that the Mets may get if he flies under the radar. The Mets would likely need to spend a lot for Uehara, so the likeliness of signing him is less than 5%

V: Wilson Valdez –Strength in depth? Yet another yes for this one, is Valdez well past any usefulness as a player? Probably, but like Jose Valentin back in the day he could be a nice veteran presence in AAA-Las Vegas this year.

Dan Wheeler? or Matt Harvey’s twin brother?

W: Dan Wheeler –He had a 12+ ERA in 12 games with the Indians this season, but once he was sent down to AAA-Columbus his ERA was at 2.32 in 42+ innings. He could succeed back in the National League and again with the Mets like he did during the 2003-04 seasons.

X: Xavier Nady – OK, I cheated on this one…since there’s no one with the last name with an ‘X.’ Is Xavier Nady a bad fit? Not really, he’s a much-needed right-handed bat who can play both left and rightfield and can also give Ike Davis a day at first base from time to time.

Y: Chris Young – Do I really want Chris Young back? No, but I’d rather have him than Kevin Youkilis or Delmon Young.

Z: Lance Zawadzki – A switch-hitting middle infielder, who’s only 27 years old. Played in 20 Major League games back in 2010 and hit .200 with two doubles and five walks. Added for defensive depth purposes only.

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