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Happy Ron Darling Day


Thirty-four years ago, the Mets made a pretty significant trade, which played a big role in their 1986 World Championship. They traded for Walt Terrell and Ron Darling from the Texas Rangers in exchange for Lee Mazzilli. Darling spent nine years with the Mets before being dealt to the Montreal Expos in July of 1991.

As a Met, Darling was 99-70 with a 3.50 ERA. He won at least 15 games per season on three different occasions as a Met, and he pitched very well in two World Series games. In 17.2 innings, he allowed just three earned runs.

Here’s some more on Darling, courtesy of the Ultimate Mets Database:

  • Led Mets in innings pitched with 207.2 in 1987.
  • Tied for Mets lead in wins with 14 in 1989.
  • Led Mets in hits allowed with 214 in 1985, with 203 in 1986, with 183 in 1987 and with 214 in 1989.
  • Led Mets in runs allowed with 93 in 1985, with 111 in 1987 and with 100 in 1989.
  • Led Mets in earned runs allowed with 87 in 1984, with 80 in 1985 and with 99 in 1987.
  • Led Mets in walks with 104 in 1984, with 114 in 1985 and with 96 in 1987.
  • Led Mets in strikeouts with 167 in 1987.
  • Led Mets in home runs allowed with 17 in 1984, with 21 in 1985, with 21 in 1986, with 24 in 1987 and with 24 in 1988.
  • Led Mets in games started with 34 in 1986 and with 32 in 1987. Tied for Mets lead in games started with 33 in 1984, with 35 in 1985, with 34 in 1988 and with 33 in 1989.
  • Tied for Mets lead in shutouts with 2 in 1986.

Clearly, Darling is one of the best pitchers the Mets have ever had, and we’re thrilled to get to hear him during the season on SNY and PIX 11.

Where do you rank Darling on the all-time Mets’ list? Tell us in the comments section below.

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