By: Stache Staff

It Was The Spring Of Our Discontent….


New York sports hasn’t been this collectively good since the 1999-2000 seasons. I mean you look around at every team that has NEW YORK across their uniform or helmet, and the past 18 months has been actually, pretty good.

The Giants just won Super Bowl XLVI and once again put a strangle hold on Football dominance in our fine city and surrounding area.

The Jets have been to two AFC Title Games and of course although this season ended poorly and with some locker room bitchiness, compared to the history of this franchise, its been pretty good the past few months none the less.

The Rangers are the best team in the NHL’s Eastern Conference and have the best Goalie in the World. Hell, if you look close enough, The Islanders have some serious young talent and are very much on the rise.

The Knicks of course have Amare and Melo and #Linsanity and after 10 years in the darkness, are finally back on top of things to watch on a nightly basis.

The Yankees are the freaking Yankees and of course, nothing ever goes wrong with them.

And then you have the Mets.

Faith and Fear in Flushing, a fantastic blog, pointed out that the Mets not making the playoffs since 2006 is now the longest running drought in the New York metropolitan area when it comes to playoff appearances.

(of course, most people don’t know this, but when it comes to division titles, the Knicks and Rangers each are going on 17 years and counting! The Mets, its only 6!)

The Mets are flying so far under the Radar, that even ESPN NY Mets beat writer Adam Rubin dedicated an entire post to Stache friend @JedSmed’s funny Hashtag game he has each lunch hour.

Yep, the Knicks have #Linsanity and it seems the Mets are just driving us to Insanity.

Sure, the Mets could somehow band together like the 1988 Cleveland Indians of the film Major League and stun the NL to win the pennant, but based upon the aura surrounding the team, they might as well take their ball and go home.

I wrote a post a few weeks back about why I was sick and tired of Mets fans questioning themselves over and over again and I still stick by those words.

This spring training hasn’t officially begun and yet Ike Davis is already having to defend the team by asking why people think they suck when its not even March yet.

That is a good question Ike, why do people think that? I guess when you have success going around New York sports like a finely rolled….(whoa, lets stop right there, this is a family blog), then maybe we are wondering why the Mets always want to be the designated driver.

Why does it seem like the Mets are ok with this notion that “if everything goes right” then we will be contending for a playoff spot?

Most people dont remember this, but the only reason #Linsanity began for the Knicks is because things were going oh so wrong. They had no other choice, it paid off, lucky lucky lucky.

Lets be honest with each other, the Mets starting spring training is certainly a welcomed sight and will be important once the end of basketball season and hockey season are here.

But the spring time, a time when things should begin a new, seems really old and stale at this point, doesn’t it? Which is a shame, because the Mets and their fans certainly deserve better.

This may just be our spring of discontent, but you gotta start somewhere and the only place to go is up.

New York sports is on a high not seen in 10+ years, maybe its time for the Mets to join the party.

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