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Jim Duquette to Donate Kidney to His Daughter


I was roaming Sports Spyder, which is my new vice thanks to a tip from Vinny Cartiglia over at MetsZilla, and I came across this story about former Mets’ General Manager Jim Duquette, who will be undergoing surgery on June 4 in an effort to donate a kidney to his 8-year-old daughter.


Lindsey, now 8, has been dealing with a rare kidney disease known as FSGS since shortly after her birth, when Duquette served as Mets GM. He has been active in trying to raise awareness and funding for research. Lindsey has been on dialysis for the past year.

I remember exactly where I was when Duquette and company made the trade with the then Devil Rays in which the Mets got Victor “the wrong” Zambrano in exchange for Scott Kazmir, and I was irate, like others, for years. The bottom line? While Kazmir had some flashes, he never materialized, and he was even brought in for a try-out but didn’t come back into the fold.

This kind of story puts things into perspective. At the end of the day, baseball is just a game, and you need to make sure your priorities are in order. Best of luck to Jim, Lindsey and the entire Duquette family.

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