The Happy Recap

Just a Couple of Takeaways From Last Night


I left Citi Field last night with two lasting impressions.

1) Carlos Torres can’t be let near the playoff roster. He is just too wildly inconsistent. It’s not totally his fault. Terry Collins has used and abused his arm over the last couple of years. Last year he pitched 97 innings and 86 the year prior. He now has an era over 4. He just isn’t good this year. Why would Terry bring him into the game after he pitched 2.1 innings not 24 hours earlier? This is the management of the bullpen that could cost us in the end.

2) On the flip side, the Mets’ rally in the bottom of the 10th really showed gumption. This team isn’t going to roll over. Cespedes missed a walk off grand slam by a few feet. This all came after having no one on with two outs. It felt very mid-80’s.

At least the Nats lost….

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I grew up a die hard Mets fan when everyone was jumping on the Yankees bandwagon. I blame the hype of Generation K. But I've stuck it out and am ready to reap the rewards. Let's Go Mets!!!! Follow me on twitter @dman_dm

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