Let’s Enjoy This


As a life-long Met fan, I sure am enjoying this season and I hope that you are as well. Personally, I’m a little troubled by the amount of Mets fans I hear worrying about the team next year. Is Syndergaard going to be in the rotation next year if he pitches out of the bullpen down the stretch? Are the Mets going to resign Cespedes?

Can we all take a step back for a moment? First off, of course Thor will be in the rotation next year, barring injury of course. Secondly, resigning Cespedes is going to be a tall order. The Mets have five days after the World Series to resign him. Then they have to release him. Chances are that the Mets would have to grossly overpay if they expect Cespedes not to test the free agency market. The Mets offering that type of deal is less likely than Yoenis accepting it.

But none of that matters right now. Mets fans need to stop thinking about next year. We’ve waited too long for the chance to worry about the now. Has it become so ingrained in our fanship that we can’t help but think about next year, no matter what is going on before our eyes?

The Mets are on the precipice of a playoff run. A playoff run for a team that Mike Francessa said Thursday, “could win the whole thing.” There is plenty left to worry about this team this year. Can anyone in the Mets’ bullpen, outside of Clippard and Familia, truly be relied on come October? Has Jonathan Niese really earned a playoff start if he is mired in a funk?

This team has been incredibly fun to watch the last couple of weeks. And after how difficult they were to watch in May and June, we Mets fans deserve to take a breath. Let’s worry about the offseason after the World Series is over. Who knows, maybe we’ll be celebrating and decide that it’s not worth worrying about after all.

About Darren Martino

I grew up a die hard Mets fan when everyone was jumping on the Yankees bandwagon. I blame the hype of Generation K. But I've stuck it out and am ready to reap the rewards. Let's Go Mets!!!! Follow me on twitter @dman_dm

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